Your vehicle seat set up may well be a major factor as to why your back pain may not be getting better should you be spending frequent amounts sitting whilst you commute to and from work or have a job that involves heavy driving. The main reasons why many individuals may experience pain whilst driving is that you may be entering and exiting the vehicle in an awkward way that aggravates your back. The seat set up and steering wheel position may also be impacting on your overall comfort levels. The typical vehicle seat has less adjustability than that of an office chair and this associated with prolonged durations without regular movement could be the reason why your back is being aggravated.

At Principle Four Osteopathy we have a team of osteopaths who are trained in vehicle ergonomics and we can assist you in developing strategies to improve how you enter and exit the vehicle, how to set up the seat to optimise your driving posture. In some circumstances you may also benefit from some additional supports such as seat cushion, seat wedge or back support and we will be able to identify and prescribe one that best suits your needs.

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