For those of you who cannot fathom training like myself, I have posted a routine that I performed at home a few weeks ago. This home workout routine requires dumbbells and/or kettlebells. I performed 3 sets of this routine and kept rest to a minimum to get both a cardiovascular and strength training effect.

Circuit session
Rest – keep rest to minimal between exercises, rest between circuits
Exercises: 7 – 8
Sets: 3-4 circuits
Reps: 10

1. DB open arc / squat
2. DB open arc / lateral weight shift squat
3. KB deadlift
4. Push up
5. KB goblet squat
6. DB renegade row
7. DB DA open arc / split squat

This blog post was written by P4O osteopath Heath Williams. If you are looking for a customised home workout routine, please touch base. We are now offering telehealth sessions at the clinic.

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