At Principle Four Osteopathy we will regularly get clients presenting to the clinic who love training (general strength training, crossfit, powerlifting), but occasionally experience acute low back pain episodes, repeated back pain episodes and in some cases chronic back pain that they just continue to endure whilst training.

Our process at P4O is to take a detailed case history, perform all the typical osteo/physio type assessment, review their training program (this is not just their main lifts, but also their movement preparation and recovery) and then perform more specific assessments relating to their training and tasks that are giving them some trouble.

In the Instagram posts below you will see us take a look at the front and back squat exercises as well as demonstrate some of the accessory accessories and strategies we have adopted to date to assist this client. As with any client, treatment and management strategies needs to be reviewed, adapted, progressed, sometimes regressed and sometimes kept stable for a period of time. So the approach is customised and specific to each and every individual, their specific issue and what is subjectively and objectively assessed and how this is interpreted.

The posts below are in order of when we first saw the client to just this last week. We are still very much focusing on technique and gradual exposure of the body to different lifts (range of motion, load, speed) and expanding the repertoire of lifts performed each week whilst working on building a bigger posterior chain (hams, glutes, erectors) and focusing on trunk integration with the pelvis whilst loading.

For those of you who would like to find out more about how we might be able to help you out, please touch base by emailing, DM @osteoheathprinciple4osteopathy or book online via our webpage (online bookings).

Principle Four Osteopathy is located at Pleasance House, 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.