Did you know that you can watch 5 free exercise education videos for free @ www.trainingtrendz.com?  Simply go to www.trainingtrendz.com and click on the videos that you would like to watch.  So far we have over 450 videos, made up of a mix of education and exercise videos.  Our exercise library includes many of the latest training tools and functional approaches and has many great experts from across the globe contributing.

Training Trendz was created by Osteopath Heath Williams & Personal Trainer Jon Weller because both felt there was a need to increase the sharing of knowledge between health and fitness professionals.  Osteopath Heath Williams is owner of Principle Four Osteopathy, which is located within Jon Weller PT Studio’s at 29 Somerset Place, Melbourne City CBD 3000.  To find out more about Principle Four Osteopathy, please go to www.principlefourosteopathy.com

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