So we can finally say that our website is finally up and running.  Whilst only in its infancy still, the website has shown great potential and we are looking to build the number of great educators and partners involved with the website.  The website is focused on bringing the latest in training strategies, assessment strategies and corrective exercise for the personal trainer, gym instructor, strength & conditioning coach, osteopath, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and chiropractor.

To date we have over 20 experts contributing with over 450 videos on the site.  We have tried to categorize the videos according to what we think users will like.  Videos are separated into categories based on the educators background, body part, training modality and equipment.  The videos range between 1 minute – 6 minutes to make for easy viewing.  The webpage has also been developed to create a member profile directory for easy communication between members and the general public.

Training Trendz are offering a special deal for new members.   To trial our webpage, sign up for 10 days full access for only $1.  To sign up, please go to 

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