For those of you that are familiar with Shirley Sahrmann and her approach to the assessment and treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes, I highly recommend signing up to Sports Rehab Edge and listening to her recent podcast that details the release of her recent book and also some strategies towards the treatment and management of cervical and thoracic movement impairment syndromes. Whilst working in London, UK, I was very fortunate to attend her 2 day seminar on the treatment of movement impairment syndromes of the lumbar spine and lower limb and this has certainly changed my approach and strategy to the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions (especially the shoulder, lumbar spine and hip). Shirley has many many years experience as a Physical Therapist in the USA and has a proven track record with the assessment and treatment of many musculoskeletal complaints and if you have not yet been introduced to her books, check them out on amazon as they are a great tool for further professional development.

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