Principle Four Osteopathy Also Offers OHS Services

For those of you who are not aware, the osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy commonly conduct workplace ergonomic training and risk assessments, manual handling training and educational lunchtime workshops.  Our services are specifically tailored to your companies needs, with a big focus on education and awareness around the body and being able to identify hazards and risks associated with musculoskeletal complaints in the workplace.  Rather than wait until you visit the osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor for treatment of an injury, we believe this proactive approach can help deliver improved health and wellbeing for workers as well as reducing the risk of developing musculoskeletal strains and sprains (lower back pain, neck pain, upper limb disorders).   Below are just a few snapshots of some services we have delivered for local Melbourne based companies.


This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy. Principle Four Osteopathy is one of Melbourne City CBD leading Osteopathy clinics. At the clinic we treat a wide range of clients, ranging from the office worker, exercise enthusi