The Power To Navigate Life

Life Coach, Mentor, Health and Wellness Expert Tony Fahkry has recently published his first book and I would like to take this opportunity to give him a little plug to all of my Principle Four Osteopathy blog readers. I have been working alongside Tony now at Jon Weller Personal Training Studio for the last 6 months where he helps people achieve their health and wellness goals and in this time I have seen him do some great things.

The Power to Navigate Life is arguably the most complete and powerful teachings on the mastering of life. Discover how to experience a rewarding life by developing; sound health and emotional well-being from the very first page. You will see that there is more to life than paying bills, being unhappy, always sick or being in a relationship that does not serve you.

Australia’s leading sports neuroscientist, Dr. Roy Sugarman says: “Tony Fahkry lets us see into his soul, forged in near-tragedy, but resulting in a layered stream of consciousness, shared with us in this book. Tony’s goal is not to embed us in his life, but rather in the growth of his person and personality as he navigated the twists and turns of his life – as if a travel book for the spirit, Tony’s brave and compelling insights lead us to contemplate our own approach to adversity and the freedom that results if we try.”

Purchase the book by clicking here.

To read more about Tony Fahkry, please click here.

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