Shaun Coghlan P4O

This weeks blog post is about P4O osteopath Shaun Coghlan. Shaun works at Principle Four Osteopathy on Monday and Wednesdays and has been working at the clinic for 3 years now. Shaun graduated from Victoria University with a Masters in Osteopathy and since graduating has completed a range of post graduate short courses.

When Shaun isn’t working at Principle Four Osteopathy, he also consults for The Osteopaths in Blackburn as well as undertaking OHS consulting for Corporate Work Health Australia.

Shaun is an avid Collingwood supporter and during the summer months follows the Australian Cricket team. Each year he will attend the Boxing day test with his family for all 5 days of cricket. Shaun has also been involved in coaching junior basketball for many years now as well as having played basketball for many years himself.

Some of the more recent post graduate short courses that Shaun has completed since graduating include:

  • Level 1 Sports Trainer Course – SMA
  • Rocktape Taping Course – Rocktape Australia
  • Level 1 Myofasical Dry Needling and Cupping – Manual Medicine Australasia
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment Course – Corporate Work Health Australia
  • Introduction to kettlebells for Rehabilitation – Nick Efthimou (osteopath) and James Ross (S&C)
  • Dynamic and Sports Rigid Taping Workshop – Paul Herman (osteopath)
  • Mobility, Stability and Motor Control For Performance – Greg Dea (FMS)
  • Introduction to Strength Training For Allied Health Professionals – Martyn Girvan (S&C Coach), Daniel Di Pasqua (S&C Coach) & Heath Williams (osteopath)
  • Vehicle Ergonomic Risk Assessment Course – Corporate Work Health Australia
  • Using psychological pain management tools and news ways of communicating with your patients in the physical therapy setting – Helen Mentha Mentha Consulting Motivational Interviewing and Kaye Frankcom
  • Exercise for chronic pain 2 hour workshop – Nick Efthimiou (osteopath)
  • Strength and Conditioning Applications For Upper Body / Lumbar Spine and Lower Body Musculoskeletal Complaints – 2 day workshop – Martyn Girvan (S&C), Daniel Di Pasqua (S&C Melb Storm), Heath Williams (osteopath / s&c)
  • Reconciling biomechanics with pain science – Greg Lehman (physiotherapist/chiropractor)
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy education course – DJO Global Chattanooga – 1 day course – Cliff Eaton (physio)
  • Tendinopathies – Sports Doctor Karen Holzer – South Yarra Sports Medicine
  • Kinetic Link Training – Level 1 – Wayne Rogers Physiotherapist
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Course – Level 1 – Lyn Watson

If you would like to book an appointment with Shaun, please call 0396709290 or book online via our website. Principle Four Osteopathy is located on level 4 at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.