Osteopath Tim McNamara Now Certified In 3D Maps

Principle Four Osteopathy Osteopath Tim McNamara recently completed the Gray Institute 3D Maps training program.


What Is 3D MAPS?

3D Movement Analysis and Performance System (3D MAPS) is a recently released screen from the Gray Institute of America. The screen boasts a more integrative method to analyse both mobility and movement control. Many of the current movement and stability screens aim to isolate movement to a selected region in order to assess its function. The 3D MAPS system aims to assess how the body functions as a holistic unit. Gray Institute founder and director Gary Gray argues that to truly assess function we must assess the body as a whole, as this is how we move in everyday life, whether it be picking up your grandchildren  or twisting and leaping to take a mark in footy. Rather than isolating assessment to one region, the 3D MAPS screen integrates movement from all major joint complexes and assesses how these joints function with each other in global movement patterns.

The screen has two major components; a mobility component to assess movement at each joint in global movement patterns, and a stability component to assess the muscular control of movement in global movement patterns.

The 3D MAPS screen is a full body, functional movement screen that can be manipulated in one way to assess elite athletes looking for that extra 1% and in another ways to aid the amateur athletes to improve their golf/tennis swing. It can aid in injury assessment and rehabilitation as well as many other ways to assess overall function. No matter what your goals are, the 3D MAPS screen can aid in developing an exercise and management plan that is specifically tailored to your body’s needs.

Would You Like To Book In For A Movement Assessment At Principle Four Osteopathy?

Osteopath Tim McNamara is available at the city practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you would like to book in for a movement assessment at Principle Four Osteopathy, please email info@principle4.com.

Principle Four Osteopathy

Principle Four Osteopathy is one of Melbourne City CBD leading Osteopathy clinics. At the clinic we treat a wide range of clients, ranging from the office worker, exercise enthusiast to athlete. We have 3 experienced osteopaths working across both of the clinics.

The Melbourne City CBD clinic is located at 29 Somerset Place (basement), close to the corner of Elizabeth St and Little Bourke in the Melbourne City CBD. Our premises adjoin the Jon Weller Personal Training Studio, a fully-equipped training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials or specific training programs and rehabilitation.

The Docklands clinic is located at 717 Bourke St (Ground Floor), beneath the Channel 9 building near the walkway from Southern Cross Train Station to Etihad Stadium. Our premises adjoin Pilates on Bourke, a fully-equipped pilates and yoga training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials, pilates or specific training programs and rehabilitation.

To speak to an Osteopath or book an appointment at Principle Four Osteopathy, please book online or call 03 9670 9290.

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