Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd is a business that focuses on improving work health related for employees in the workplace.  Owned by Osteopath Heath Williams and Physiotherapist Wade Brennan, Corporate Work Health Australia was started in 2012 after both realised that there was something missing when it came to treating and managing their clients musculoskeletal injuries.  Many of their clients were attending their respective clinics for the treatment of neck and back pain, headaches, and upper limb related strains and sprains and it was revealed that poor workplace ergonomics and a lack of understanding of how to carry out correct manual handling technique was often common.

Corporate Work Heath Australia have recently increased the variety of ergonomic assessments and manual handling training.  Our new services include:

Ergonomic Assessments

1. “Sit Safe” Seminar with individual ergonomic advice (1/2 or Full Day rates available)

Case Example:
Suitable for 12+ workers, particularly larger groups of workers
‘Sit Safe’ Seminar provided for 30 – 60 minutes
5 – 10 minutes spent with each worker giving basic advice on workplace ergonomics at their workstation
No ergonomic assessment reports provided

2. Standard Group Assessments, 30 minutes per worker (1/2 or Full Day rates available)

Our group workstation assessments take approximately 30 minutes per employee and tend to be more preventative and proactive in nature. Typically, the workers are not experiencing any symptoms or have minor complaints only and the assessment aims to ensure that their workstation is set up correctly to prevent injury. Our therapists will review the individual and their workstation, identify any issues, modify where necessary their workstation to minimise risk of injury and provide recommendations in terms of self-management strategies, ergonomic accessories and safe working practices.

Case Example:
Suitable for 4+ ergonomic assessments/workers
30 minute assessment per worker
Assessment includes: Brief report provided documenting current issues, advice given to worker, changes made and any ergonomic accessories needed

3. One-on-one Specialist Assessments, 45-60 minutes (longer assessment) plus detailed report

Many of your employees may complain about pain or numbness after sitting for prolonged periods at the desk. Even more worrying is that some employees often suffer in silence and fail to report the early onset of symptoms. Work performance can decrease as their comfort decreases. Our consultants are able to come to you to carry out one-on-one consultations to identify risk factors and assess root cause/s and provide recommendations on appropriate management.

The assessment allows the health professional to interview the employee on their current concerns, any past injury history, and ensure that any modifications suit their individual needs. Our aim is to resolve and/or significantly improve symptoms which employees experience when at work and prevent the likelihood of aggravation occurring.

Case example:

Suitable for 1+ ergonomic assessment/worker experiencing current musculoskeletal complaints
45-60 minute assessment per worker
Assessment includes: Detailed report provided on assessment documenting current issues and hazards, advice given to worker, changes made to workstation, any ergonomic accessories needed, details of current injuries and complaints and aggravating factors, specific advice given by practitioner and any necessary referrals

4. One-on-one Specialist Ergonomic Risk Assessment, 75 minutes plus detailed report

Building on from our ergonomic assessments we are able to send a cert IV OHS qualified practitioner to you to complete an ergonomic risk assessment with report. Our consultants are able to come to you to carry out one-on-one risk assessment consultations to identify all ergonomic and workplace hazards, determine the level of risk based on the workers roles and injuries, design and implement control measures and re-assess the reduced level of risk. This will be reported in specifically designed risk assessment forms which can be kept with your Work Health and Safety Rep’s records for management.

All employers have a duty of care under current legislation to provide a safe workplace for all their workers. This includes not exposing them to high levels of risk of injury in their working environment. Simply sitting for too long can expose this risk. This level of assessment ensures your greatest level of compliance with the current legislation and adequate documentation and records have been kept.

Case Example:
Suitable for 1+ ergonomic risk assessment/worker experiencing current musculoskeletal complaints
75 minute assessment per worker including consulting with HR, Health & Safety Rep/Officer & management if needed.
Assessment includes: Detailed report provided including details of ergonomic assessment plus identified hazards, level of associated risk and priorities, suggested control measures, who is responsible for implementing controls and dates for completion and follow up.


Manual Handling Training

1.5 hour Manual Handling Courses

2.5 Manual Handling Courses


‘Sitsafe’ – Injury prevention for the seated worker training

After years of experience treating employees from a vast array of industries Corporate Work Health Australia has put together a highly cost effective strategy to educate multiple seated staff members onsite. ‘Sitsafe’ is our program designed specifically for seated workers. A registered Physiotherapist or Osteopath will facilitate the informal training sessions that includes both theoretical and practical components, emphasizing the importance of postural awareness in the workplace.

The session is 1.5 hours in duration and subjects covered include:

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Osteopath Heath Williams also currently treats and works as an Osteopath at Principle Four Osteopathy.  Principle Four Osteopathy is located in the heart of the Melbourne City CBD 3000 @ 29 Somerset Place, Melbourne City CBD 3000.  To book an appointment or speak to an Osteopath, please call 03 9670 9290 or go online @

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