A Look At The Pilates Wunda Chair

In this post we are taking a look at the Pilates Wunda Chair that is regularly used within the Pilates training sessions at Pilates on Bourke.  Principle Four Osteopathy Docklands clinic adjoins Pilates on Bourke at 717 Bourke St and many of the clients attending the osteopathy clinic benefit from the training at Pilates on Bourke.


Wunda Chair Pilates













The Pilates Wunda Chair is a great device that can for strength and conditioning of the following:

  • increased muscle tone and strength to butt and thighs
  • improved balance
  • improved leg alignment
  • ankle mobility
  • ankle strength

If you are looking to improve your overall mobility, general strength and endurance or rehabilitate yourself from an injury, then Pilates is certainly a great option.

Perhaps You Should Look At Trying Out Our Move Well Pilates Package

The Move Well Pilates Package combines the expertise of our Osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy and the Pilates Instructors at Pilates on Bourke.  The initial Move Well Pilates consultation involves a detailed movement assessment with our Osteopath.  During this consultation we will determine your goals and assess your current movement and strength to identify weakness and areas of restrictions.  This information is relayed onto the Pilates Instructors who will look to implement a strength and conditioning program to address these so that you can work towards achieving your goals.  To find out more about the Move Well Pilates Package, please click here.

Clinic Locations

The Melbourne City CBD clinic is located at 29 Somerset Place (basement), close to the corner of Elizabeth St and Little Bourke in the Melbourne City CBD. Our premises adjoin the Jon Weller Personal Training Studio, a fully-equipped training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials or specific training programs and rehabilitation.

The Docklands clinic is located at 717 Bourke St (Ground Floor), beneath the Channel 9 building near the walkway from Southern Cross Train Station to Etihad Stadium. Our premises adjoin Pilates on Bourke, a fully-equipped pilates and yoga training space which allows clients to combine their osteopathy treatment with exercise tutorials, pilates or specific training programs and rehabilitation.

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To speak to an Osteopath or book an appointment at Principle Four Osteopathy, please book online or call 03 9670 9290.



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