Check out the home exercise stretch/mobiliser for the client looking to improve flexibility of the hip flexors and adductors. In this video we see one of Osteopath Heath Williams clients demonstrating how to carry out the exercise.

This exercise demonstrates how the client can go home and carry out a tri plane focused hip flexor and adductor stretch/mobiliser. A chair is placed through the doorway and the foot is placed up on it. Varying the position of the planted back foot allows a bottom up change in femur position, with a change in arms and trunk positions allowing a top down change to the stretch/mobiliser.

The client can control the degree of the stretch by varying the degree of rocking through the pelvis. The position of the chair and where the client is in relation to the doorway will also affect the degree of stretch. For those individuals with shoulder impingement problems or lower back issues be careful in regards to where the arms are placed and the position of the spine when carrying out the exercise.

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