The FreeForm Board allows for a fully integrated and functional approach to training and conditioning. It is not only a great tool for challenging ones balance and stability in an upright standing position, but also can be used for oonditioning the upper and lower body in the supine (back) or quadruped (hands and knee posiition). It is an ideal tool to help those recover from and improve proprioception, balance, range of movement, strength, strength and balance in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and upper extremity.

Check out the following youtube videos showing the Free Form Board in action

Principle Four Osteopathy is located in the heart of the Melbourne City CBD 3000 at 29 Somerset Place, Melbourne City CBD 3000. We have a special interest in osteopathy and the integration of functional exercise and training. For more information or to speak to an osteopath, please call 03 9670 9290.

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