Osteopath Heath Williams and Personal Trainer & Business owner Jon Weller are soon to be launching a new online professional education website for personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches and allied health professionals (osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists) called Training Trendz.  You can register interest to find out more information by going to www.trainingtrendz.com.  For those of you that are into Facebook, then please LIKE our page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Training-Trendz/210679302373099.

Training Trendz has experts and partners from across the globe and it this webpage is certainly going to be something of interest to all of those professionals who have an interest in exercise, rehabilitation and assessment.

Experts Contributing to date include:

  • Ben McChesney –  Osteopath & Functional Assessment
  • Jana Pittman – World Champion and Commonwealth Gold Medalist
  • Adam Floyd  – Physiotherapist & Corrective Exercise
  • Ben Cormack – Personal Trainer & Educator
  • Heath Williams – Osteopath & Corrective Exercise
  • Evan Osar – Chiropractor & Corrective Exercise
  • Michael Critchton – Strength & Conditioning
  • Dr Jason Karp – Exercise Physiologist
  • Ola Eriksrud – Associate Professor Sports Science
  • Peter Dewar – Small Business Coach
  • Raphael Bender – Clinical Pilates Educator
  • Michael Inglis – Sports Psychologist
  • Robert Wood – Physiotherapist & Golf Conditioning
  • Kate Sheahan – Tennis Coach & Conditioning

We have many more experts lined up and getting material ready for the site as I write this.

Partners involved include:

  • Bootcamp Alliance
  • MMA Fitness Australia
  • Cor Systems – Cor Bench
  • FreeForm Baord Australia
  • Ironedge
  • Breathe Wellbeing Pilates
  • Kinesiocapture

If you would like to know more about the webpage, please email info@trainingtrendz.com.

We are always looking for great professionals who feel they have something to share to get involved.  If you are a strength & conditioning expert in a certain sport, personal trainer specialising in a specific area or allied health professional that has some great techniques and approaches.  Then please contact us.

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