Interesting fact! Most of us will spend 8 hours sitting at our work desk everyday.  Most of us will sit for 1 hour commuting to and from work everyday.  Most of us will sit and relax in the evenings for 3 hours every day.  Most of us will sleep for 7 hours each night.  This equates to a total of 19 hours of either sitting or lying horizontal.  Leaving only 5 hours left in the day to move, exercise, run errands etc etc.  We spend close to 75% of our day generally being static and sedentary.  No wonder the number of issues relating to postural strains and sprains is increasing.

The following factors factors have been associated with an increase risk of strains and sprains.

1.  Prolonged sitting postures

2. Static postures

3.  Tasks performed for long durations without breaks

4  Repetitive tasks

5.  Awkward postures

Typically all of these areadopted in the workplace for a seated desk worker on a day to day basis.   We are generally in control of many of these situations i.e. generally most of us can stand up and break from the seated posture as required, many of us can vary our job tasks on a day to day basis.  In some situations, an individuals work environment might be contributing to some of these postures that we adopt.  More often than not, the majority of desk workers do not know how to adjust their chair and have not adjusted it to suit them.  Most of us have our monitor screens sitting too low and most of us have our keyboard and mouse too far away from us when working.   ‘