Another great web post from Spine Universe which looks at 6 leading causes of Sciatica.  The sciatic nerve is the big nerve that starts from the lower 5 lumbar nerve roots to form one big nerve (approximately the thickness of your thumb) as it passes beneath the piriformis muscle in the backside area and then travels posteriorly down the back of the thigh where it then splits off further down the leg to form a number of nerves.  Many clients present to the clinic with sciatica (pain travelling down the back of the leg/thigh).  Often these clients present with/without back pain.  There are many causes of sciatica and this article posted by Spine Universe looks at some of the causes.  From my experience in the clinic, often the most common causes of sciatica that are treated in the osteopathic consult room relate to musculoskeletal issues surrounding the lower back joints, discs and muscles.  Click here to read more.

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